Owl Release

Friday, May, 5, 2017

The Owl release is published.

Dynamics Mobile Studio is now in the cloud

Dynamics Mobile Studio is now available for use entirely from the cloud .It allows the mobile developers to develop cross-platform mobile apps in the cloud without a need to deploy complex dev tools and environments. It allows web stack developers to build enterprise business apps connected with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365. It makes the utilization of device hardware like mobile printers, barcode scanners, device cameras, local off-line storage ,geo-location and many more quick and easy with a single piece of code for Android, iOS and Windows 10.

Advanced Supervisor/User Management

Dynamics Mobile administrators may create, delete and manage web users directly from their web dashboard in order to optimize the usage against the actual needs of the organization.

Dynamics Mobile Credits purchase via Credit Card

Administrators many now easily load their accounts with more Dynamics Mobile Credits by using credit card payment. This shortens the life-cycle between the actual ordering of more credits , payment and credits provisioning. More info be found in our Payment and Refund policy.

Mobile Groups Settings

Administrators may manage the mobile user groups from their dashboards, which allows them to quickly change the behaviour of the mobile apps for every group.

Dynamics Mobile App Refresh for Windows 10

We just published a new refresh of our Windows 10 App in Windows Store. All Windows 10 devices may update from Windows Store.

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