Finch Release

Thursday, June, 30, 2016

So, here comes again another release – The Finch. We polished some of the existing reports to make them cleaner, faster and richer

Live Monitor filtering, auto-reset and non-geo events displaying

The Live Monitor report, allows filtering by Tag in addition to the APP filtering. It means that the users will be able to filter the events by region, department, channel or anything else available as Tag. The Live Monitor will reset the list of the events and totals at midnight automatically. You may display the Live Monitor on a big TV Set in your operations control room and watch your fleet as it progress on the field. The Live Monitor also will display events without geo-location coordinates in gray on the left side. Yes ,you won’t be able to click over the event and see the point on map, but still it gives an idea of what happens on the field and that there are devices with Location Services disabled.

Route Compliance charts improvements, planned route pop up and skip reason code

The Route Compliance report now , allows the user to click over the PLANNED column to see the list of the planned customers for the day.
This gives the user immediate feedback about the actual customers who were planned. The Route Compliance Details ( after the user clicks over the mobile user name) displays refreshed charts with more insights about the compliance. A major difference now is that still the list of the events displays every single event from the day, the charts display only summary based on the number of the different customers and locations visited.
So for example if a mobile user has visited 2 customers for the day and made 2 sales orders for each for each of them, the charts on top will display 2 visits only, but the table bellow will show 4 events or even more. The detailed compliance also displays the skip reason as well. It gives an answer to why a customer was not visited.

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